Friday, July 22, 2011

The Beginning

So...this is it.  A chance to begin.  I don't even like to journal and I have never been one to keep one for very long, unless it was for an assignment that is.  But, I need to see it all down on the page.  Now.  I am thirty-five with 4 kids a wonderful husband and now my very own blog.  For me it's a chance to remember and someday share it with someone...
This week I have been reading in Romans.  On Monday I was struck by verse 5....through Him we received grace...and obedience comes by faith.  To me that says if I believe, I should be obedient to be an apostle and recruit from the world.
(Here is my definition of the world...those that either don't believe at all or those that think they believe but won't really make a commitment)
At the end of chapter 1, Paul reminds us that if we wanna sin...God will let us.  In fact He will let us jump off the deep end, so to speak, and become senseless, heartless, faithless and ruthless.  Sound familiar.  I look at the 'world' around me and that is what it is.  We have given our selves whole heartedly to sin.  All I have to do is look at a movie or current tv show, or show up at my kids school and watch.  Even small kids treat others with a lack of respect or a shred of caring.
Touche'.  Today's passage in Romans, chapter 2, begins by challenging me against casting judgment because I am not God (thank goodness.  I have enough stress in my life)

So about do I see myself?  A mom, a runner, a cheerleader for I am pretty sure every sport offered in this area, a wife, a distracted follower of Christ.  I want to walk humbly, but definitely walk with God.  I also want to run a half sometime in my life before my body decides I am to old.

Today my struggles are getting started...yeah I did that already with my new blog!  Trying to be patient about 'the decision'.  Sydney, our oldest, was miserable last year at school.  She wants to come home again and the decision is left to the one who cannot make a decision, Mike.  Tonight we have another night of VBS.  Last night I forgot a key part of the illustration, the Bibles in the storm and I brought the mast of the ship crashing on top of kids during my storm.  But...not for my glory but His.

Not sure what else I want to share...not sure I really wanted to share.  I just want to have a place to get it on the page.
I hear little feet and my coffee is done!  Until we meet again...

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